Animal teachings
Dawn Brunke

Animal Teachings

Enhancing Our Lives Through the Wisdom of Animals
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In this insightful book, Dawn Brunke reveals how animals can help us to uncover the wisdom we have forgotten.

In Animal Teachings, she groups 60 species by their specific teaching from how to find balance and be a better communicator to being more intuitive and living a joyous life. For example, Fox, Swan, and Zebra are united through the teaching of Integration. All three species can help us learn to welcome diversity, reconcile opposites, and maintain individuality. Meanwhile, the teaching of Healing unites Dog, Frog, and Gorilla, who teach us love and loyalty, gentleness, and how to connect to our deeper self. Every entry explores the presence of that species in the natural world and its traditional teaching as it is known through myth and legend or by indigenous peoples. In addition, each group presents a personalized message for humans today: encouragement, suggestions, and guidance to help us become more conscious and whole. By opening to animal wisdom, we begin to find ways to reconnect, to deepen, to communicate, to love, and to more joyfully participate in the dance of life. With the help of animals, we begin to remember who we really are.

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