Discovering the brain
Frank Amthor

Discovering the Brain

A Guide to the Most Complex Organ of the Human Body
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Explore one of biology's most remarkable creations in this fascinating hardback guide to the science of the brain, richly illustrated in full-color.

The brain regulates the processes essential to life, gives rise to thoughts and feelings, and is at the very core of who we are. In Discovering the Brain, you will learn about its anatomy, functions, and processes and begin to uncover the mysteries that are being laid bare by modern neuroscience. You will learn about the brain's development over time, its use of the information presented by our senses, and the diseases and disorders that can prevent it from functioning correctly.

Beautifully illustrated throughout with stunning photographs as well as a range of diagrams and infographics to aid understanding, this is a superb introduction to the miracle of the human brain.

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Izdavač: Arcturus
Izdanje: 2023.
ISBN: 9781398812697