The principles of philosophy
Michael Moore

The Principles of Philosophy

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Discover the pillars of philosophy and stoke your philosophical spirit with this accessible hardback guide, featuring informative diagrams, helpful text boxes, and captivating full-colour images.

From Aristotle to Kant, the great thinkers of the world have sought to come up with rules for how to live better lives, how to govern better and how to understand the world around us. This fascinating guide introduces readers to 10 core philosophical ideas, including metaphysics, aesthetics, political philosophy and more. These principles are explained through digestible text, helpful diagrams and illustrations which help to help make even the most complex ideas accessible to everyone.

• The different schools of philosophy which have held sway over the years
• The most influential philosophers in history, including Plato, Descartes, Nietzsche and Chomsky.
• The key concepts in every area ranging from ethics and free will to stoicism and epistemology
• Sections on how philosophical principles relate to your day-to-day life
• Questions to ponder and formulate your own ideas
• Summary section at the end of each chapter

With its comprehensive coverage of the fundamental principles of philosophy, this guide is designed to not only give you a solid foundation but also spark your curiosity and passion for further exploration of this fascinating subject.

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