Unwind your mind
Emma WhispersRed

Unwind Your Mind

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A new approach to self-care, ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a form of sound healing with personal attention and nurturing. It utilises online content, in-person actions and self-care practise helping to ease stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality and enhance social connection.

In this powerful book YouTube ASMRtist Emma WhispersRed thoughtfully reveals the origins of ASMR, her personal and eventful journey to discovery, how ASMR relates to other healing modalities and how you can utilise ASMR techniques. Unwind Your Mind reveals simple ways you can incorporate ASMR into your daily life to relax, be present and experience your surroundings in a more positive and peaceful way. The future of ASMR begins here.

'Our studies now provide scientific evidence in support of the idea that ASMR is relaxing - it isn't just people telling us that ASMR makes them feel relaxed, their physiology is telling us the same thing too... Emma's insights will encourage and guide others to discover the potential benefits and power of ASMR' 

Dr Giulia Poerio, Professor of Psychology at the University of Sheffield

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