365 days of positivity
Debbi Marco

365 Days of Positivity

Daily Guidance for a Happier You
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Filled with mood-boosting tips and uplifting quotes, this little book will help you to find joy 365 days of the year.

There’s joy in every day – we just need to learn how to see it properly. Whether you want your glass to be half full instead of half empty, or you want a little help seeing the silver lining in the clouds, this book will show you that there are plenty of little things you can do each day to brighten your outlook. 

Within these pages you’ll find:

  • Practical tips you can fit into your day to help make positivity a habit
  • A raft of beautiful quotes to lift your mood
  • Simple ideas to invite fun, joy and variety into your day

With 365 Days of Positivity you will discover that happiness is an attitude, not a situation – and you’ll be inspired to look on the bright side all year round.

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Izdanje: 2021.
ISBN: 9781800071025