Library of secrets
Zoe Penn

The Library of Secrets

The Giant Mistake
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Twelve year old Sophia and her younger brother Mark find a mysterious book at the local library and take it home. At first, it seems like just an ancient collection of stories, but soon, the children will discover that it is a portal to another world, Almation – and before they know it, they are trapped in it. To get back home, Sophia and Mark will have to solve many puzzles, face unexpected dangers and make equally unexpected friends – but maybe even that is not enough…

Full of adventures, challenges and fantastic creatures, the world of Almation will take Sophia and Mark on an exciting journey, and teach them the power of stories.


Highly creative, well plotted, filled with engaging characters both human and fantastic, and well spiced with many enjoyable twists and turns. 

Readers’ Favorite

An engrossing adventure that will keep advanced elementary to middle grade readers on their toes and thoroughly engaged.

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Format: 15,5x23,5 cm
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Broj stranica: 155
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Izdavač: Planet Zoe
Godina izdavanja: 2019.
ISBN: 978-953-357-025-9