Nature crafts
Yukinobu Fujino, Yuji Miura, Hiroyuki Oka, Takanori Shimizu, Masahiro Yoshizaki

Nature Crafts

Japanese Style Plant & Leaf Projects
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Harness the beauty of plants, leaves and foliage - green decor - in this unique collection of 40 nature projects that are fun, easy and inexpensive to make. Six of Japan's leading floral and plant designers offer a range of ideas to turn found and foraged materials into stunning arrangements and displays.

With these visionary stylists as your guides, a few materials you already have at home and easy-to-obtain tools, you'll be able to:

  • Create charming glass-encased air plants and spoon-based succulents
  • Weave, bend and stack leaves and fronds into eye-catching arrangements
  • Style your own one-of-a-kind leaf fashion accessories, from corsages to bracelets
  • Create living jewelry and one-of-a-kind plant handbags
  • Make a signature leaf tapestry and leaf wrapping paper
  • And much, much more!

This book features over 250 gorgeous photographs and straightforward, step-by-step instructions that show you how to turn your surroundings into a verdant showcase for nature's beauty.

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Format: 19,2 x25,3 cm
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Broj stranica: 144
Izdavač: Tuttle Publishing
Izdanje: 2022.
ISBN: 9780804854115