How the world works planet earth

How the World Works: Planet Earth

From Molten Rock in Space to the Place We Live
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A comprehensive scientific account of Planet Earth and its lifeforms, featuring stunning full-color photography, textboxes and diagrams.

In over four and a half billion years of existence, Planet Earth has gone from a hostile, sterile lump of hot rock to a temperate oasis teeming with life. How the World Works: Planet Earth is a fascinating synthesis of this transformation, exploring the landforms, plants and animals that make up its unique environment.

Brought to life by full-color photography, this engaging and accessible guide includes useful textboxes, diagrams and profiles of key scientists.

Topics include:

  • The Earth's atmosphere
  • The formation of mountains
  • Plate tectonics
  • Extinction of the dinosaurs
  • Climate change

Anne Rooney charts the amazing journey of discovery, from early theories of Neptunism and continental drift to the fuller picture we have today. A perfect read for anyone wanting to learn the science behind of our extraordinary planet.

ABOUT THE SERIES: How the World Works is a full-color illustrated series by Arcturus Publishing. Each book provides an engaging introduction to a branch of human knowledge, outlining key principles and charting its development across history up to the present day.

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Format: 16,3 × 22,8 cm
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Izdavač: Arcturus
Izdanje: 2021.
ISBN: 9781838573782

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