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Bianca Maria Oller

Green Designed: Kitchen & Dining

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Green Designed: Kitchen & Dining presents about 50 high-quality products from the realm of kitchen design that have earned the designation of environmentally friendly while simultaneously reflecting the latest style trends. In an age when ecological awareness has become commonplace, it’s only logical to also plan and furnish the kitchen with these aspects in mind.

The kitchen has long been the heart of a home, providing space for more than just cooking. On 168 pages, this book presents entire kitchens with their complete furnishings. From the kitchen units made of nature-friendly materials to the energy-saving dishwasher and recyclable dishes, Green Designed: Kitchen & Dining offers evidence that an ecological lifestyle and elegant stylish design are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they harmonize perfectly with each other.

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Format: 22.5x22.5 cm
Uvez: tvrdi
Broj stranica: 168
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Izdavač: Avedition
Izdanje: 2008.
ISBN: 978-389-986-104-4