The book of korean self care
Isa Kujawski

The Book of Korean Self-Care

K-beauty, healing foods, traditional medicine, mindfulness, and much more
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Improve the overall health and balance in your life with Korean wellness practices and traditions of mind and spirit, nature, skincare, food as medicine and natural healing.

Join holistic wellness and integrative nutrition expert Isa Kujaswski, MPH, RDN, to discover Korean wellbeing concepts and centuries-old healing traditions. Explore the mind and spirit practices of sohwakhaeng (small but certain happiness), Kuok Sundo breathing (a form of meditation) and worabel (Korean slang for work-life balance). Learn about ‘hitting mung’ to empty one’s mind and salim yok (forest bathing) where you immerse yourself in nature. Find the healing benefits in foods, including kimchi for digestive wellness and the use of medicinal ingredients such as ginseng, ginger and green tea.

Take a closer look at Korean skincare, known around the world for resulting in glowing skin, and discover spa techniques such as seshin, a scrubbing ritual, that you can use at home to unwind and detoxify. Connecting nutrition, mental wellbeing and Korean healing concepts, this book shows how to find true wealth through vibrant health.

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