Beer and Veg

Combining Great Craft Beer with Vegetarian and Vegan Food
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Beer and Veg has everything you need to enjoy great craft beer with vegetarian and vegan food, including the best suggestions for how to perfectly pair your beer to whatever dish you're eating, as well as 70 recipes which use beer as an ingredient. The introduction covers how to approach beer with vegetarian/vegan food; then there are tips and tricks on matching beer and food; how to cook with beer in veg/vegan dishes; an extended section of different beer styles and foods to enjoy with them; and then a selection of 70 great recipes using beer as an ingredient.

The suggestions made in the book will cover beers from around the world, plus many common and popular dishes. The recipes are a mix of vegetarian and vegan, with vegan options available for most dishes. Having switched to a vegetarian diet himself in the last two years, author and award-winning beer writer Mark Dredge is the perfect person to help you merge the worlds of craft beer and plant-based food.

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Format: 19×23,5 cm
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Godina izdavanja: 2021.
ISBN: 9781912983407

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Mark Dredge is the author of seven beer books and counting. He has won awards from both the British and North American Guilds of Beer Writers, and has been shortlisted for an Andre Simon award. Mark also regularly appears as a beer expert on television.