Balkan vegan engleski
Jelena Cvetković Šarkanović

Balkan Vegan (engleski)

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Vegan Balkan cuisine? Sarma? Stuffed peppers? Of course! And deliciously so too! Explore the Balkan Vegan and experience the diversity of traditional Balkan dishes. The cookbook is aimed at everyone who wants to discover the magic of Balkan recipes in a simple and healthy way. Here you will find interesting information and customs related to the preparation of the dishes, useful properties of the food and valuable secrets of vegan cuisine. The recipes are divided into 5 groups: Starters (Meze), Soups, Salads, Main Dishes and Coffee and Sweets.

  • Detailed and comprehensively written recipes.
  • Clear lists of ingredients.
  • Supplemented by helpful practical tips.
  • A clear table with difficulty of preparation, porcions, preparation and cooking time.

The playfulness and simplicity of the preparation is also reflected in the photographs of the dishes, which also show miniature figures in various scenes from everyday life. Find them! Enjoy the preparation and the taste :)

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Format: 21×21 cm
Uvez: tvrdi
Broj stranica: 132
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Izdavač: BITEwithZEST
Izdanje: 2023.
ISBN: 978-3-9505270-1-8