Frank Herbert

Chapter House Dune

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The long-established galactic order is passing. The Honoured Matres, ruthless and all-conquering, have destroyed the planet Dune. In opposition, hard-pressed but still fighting back, the Bene Gesserit sisterhood co-ordinate their resistance from their as-yet undiscovered home world, Chapter House. Now as a new Scattering is planned, they still have one carefully nurtured asset: the sandworms, offspring of the only giant worm salvaged from Dune. Chapter House is to about to turn into a barren wasteland: Chapter House will be the new Dune.

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Format: 13×19,8 cm
Uvez: meki
Broj stranica: 480
Biblioteka: -
Izdavač: Gollancz
Godina izdavanja: 2021.
ISBN: 9781473233812