Book of crystal healing
Emily Anderson

Book of Crystal Healing

A Comprehensive Guide to This Powerful Therapy
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This beautifully illustrated, full-color hardback is the ultimate guide to crystal healing, with an A-Z directory of 200 crystals and how to incorporate them in your daily life.

From green quartz for stress reduction, to tanzanite to improve your energy, crystals can be used in countless ways to boost your health and wellbeing. This practical guide teachers you how to use crystals in daily life. From mystical properties to shape variations and crystal grids, this is an in-depth look into this fascinating subject. With section of physical and emotional healing for yourself and other, you can master this powerful practice.

- Using crystal pendulums in healing
- How to make elixirs with suitable crystals
- Which crystal to choose for your zodiac sign
- An A-Z directory of 200 crystals

Photographs, illustrations and diagrams are used throughout to help you identify crystals and put their uses into practice. It's the perfect companion for anyone interested in how crystal healing can improve your health and happiness.

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