A cat at the end of the world
Robert Perišić

A Cat at the End of the World

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Delivered like a fable, A Cat At the End of the World shifts perspectives between a runaway slave and the Scatterwind, a bodiless spirit that moves effortlessly through time and space, from the days of ancient Syracuse to our contemporary era. At the center of their stories is Miu, an Egyptian cat—one of the earliest to be domesticated—through whom Robert Perišic channels a deeply profound and beautiful understanding of animal and human behaviors as seen through the results of language, warfare, colonization, trade, and the building of a society. Guided by Perišic’s unique sensitivity, 'A Cat at the End of the World' solidifies his reputation as one of the most exciting and important contemporary writers in Europe.

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Format: 14 x 21 cm
Uvez: meki
Broj stranica: 404
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Izdavač: Sandorf
Izdanje: 2022.
Prevoditelj: Vesna Marić
ISBN: 9789533513997