Croatia in 30 stories
Božo Skoko

Croatia in 30 Stories

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This book will offer you a unique insight into Croatia, the character traits of its people and their way of life. You will learn many anecdotes about Croatia's islands, its exuberant nature of sporting exploits, traditions and innovations. You will discover the history and present of this booming country on the Mediterranean shores of Central Europe. You may be surprised to learn why Croatian cafes are so busy; why the Swedes kept their children in line with scary stories about the Croats; why the Croats are the world record holders in organ donation; how they were the first in Europe to benefit from public electric lighting; why Croatia was one of the first countries of Catholic heritage to recognize Islam as a traditional religion.

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Format: 16,5×22 cm
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Broj stranica: 134
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Izdavač: Naklada Ljevak
Izdanje: 2024.
ISBN: 9789533557496