Moon magic card deck

Moon Magic Card Deck

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Find guidance and direction with Moon Magic oracle card deck and accompanying guide book, wonderfully presented in a lidded box.Moon magic is a powerful spiritual practice which invokes the energies of the lunar cycle for spellwork, divination and self-transformation. This book and oracle card deck will teach you how to live in tune with the eight phrases of the moon and discover the cosmic secrets of the universe.Oracles are not simply a deck of cards - they are an ever-changing storybook of life, in all its possibilities. Dreams of past, present and future shimmer from these cards, as they divulge a myriad of possibilities. Using the divination spreads in the guide book, the Moon Magic deck offers you the chance to catch glimpse of these chapters through the power of lunar magic.As well as a divination tool, these cards can also beSpellcasting : Use a card as a point of focus to concentrate your mindMeditation : Pick one of the images and see what in conjures in youManifestation : Carry a card with you and draw on the power it represents as you go about your dayThis card set and guide book are ideal for those wishing to deepen their connection with nature and the Divine, and to take their spiritual practice to a new level.

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Format: 13,7×20,29 cm
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Izdavač: Arcturus
Izdanje: 2023.
ISBN: 978-1398805583