Marseille vintage tarot

Marseille Vintage Tarot

Based on the Original Work of Nicolas Conver, Paris, Ca 1760
Cijena: 30,00 €

The Marseille Tarot, in vintage edition. This is the feeling of tradition. The feeling of time-worn cards, handled by generations of rough hands, shuffling, playing, reading with the Arcana.

With this deck, history knocks at our door, and allow us to become part of it. It feels like the Marseille Tarot has completed its journey and returned to its older and truer form.

Anna Maria Morsucci, art by Mattia Ottolini,

78 cards, 65 x 118 mm.

Instructions. Multilingual Edition.

O proizvodu

Format: 6,5 x 11,8 cm
Broj stranica: 78
Izdavač: Lo Scarabeo
Izdanje: 2022.
ISBN: 9788865277775