Manifesting affirmations card deck
Emily Anderson

Manifesting Affirmations Card Deck

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Use the power of manifestation to create your dream life with this essential kit.

Inside this beautiful gift box you will find a guidebook on how to manifest effectively using the law of attraction, as well as 50 affirmation cards which are a powerful and empowering tool for making your dreams reality. Use the cards to address any problems or obstacles that you may have in life,

Love and relationships
Work and career
Money and prosperity
Health and wellbeing
Developing spirituality.

There are a wealth of ways in which to use the cards, as well as information on the principles of manifesting in general. Learn about vision boards and affirming positive beliefs on a daily basis, as well as how to ensure you get out of your own way when attempting to bring about lasting change.

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Izdavač: Arcturus
Izdanje: 2022.
ISBN: 978-1398805569