Zagreb architecture guide
Alen Žunić, Zlatko Karač

Zagreb Architecture Guide

An Anthology of 100 Buildings
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Zagreb Architecture Guide – An Anthology of 100 Buildings is the first comprehensive guide to Zagreb\'s architecture, famous for its unique mixture of styles and traces of political changes through the history. It is the first complete overview of the Croatia\'s capital architecture, that presents 100 iconic buildings of different ages – starting from the early Romanesque period of the first cathedral, all the way to the recent buildings completed in 2011. In addition to the 100 most significant buildings which show all the diversity of architectural types, the guide also provides a list of five hundred famous city houses.

In the unique way, this guide combines factography, academic approach and information template which makes it systematic yet easily readable work. This book will discover rich and layered history of architecture in Zagreb to the architecture and art history students, professional architects, urban planners and conservators, academics devoted to the history of the architecture and urban design, as well as all tourists interested in exploring the rich heritage of the city.

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