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Joe Dispenza: Project Coherence

Raising the Earth's Electromagnetic Field (1-CD)
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Livestream Global Meditation - Over 6,000 People from 77 Countries have Participated 

Research has shown that when we cultivate the emotional states of care, love and compassion, our hearts expand and we radiate coherent energy that can be used to benefit both ourselves and the world.   The more satellites of people around the world are broadcasting a more a coherent organized signature, the greater the influence on the unified field around the earth as well as every individual.    

When two or more waves oscillate in tandem and vibrating at the same frequency, experience a phenomena known as constructive interference – the two waves come together and crate a resultant waveform with much greater power and amplitude.  Similarly, when people share a common purpose and focus together on a specific goal, their combined intent creates coherence in the Quantum Field.      

In this CD, Dr. Joe shares some of the scientific studies of constructive interference and will then guide you on a journey of healing and harmony to raise the Earth’s Electromagnetic Field.

We would love to thank all of you who have joined Dr. Joe in this global meditation.


1. Introduction (20:56) 
2. Meditation (43:32)

Run Time: 65 Minutes.  Live Recording. 

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Godina izdavanja: 2015.
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