Mark Blake

Mark Blake has been writing about popular music and culture since 1989. His latest books are MAGNIFICO!: THE A–Z OF QUEEN, published by Nine Eight Books in November 2021, and BRING IT ON HOME: PETER GRANT, LED ZEPPELIN & BEYOND, THE STORY OF ROCK'S GREATEST MANAGER, published by Da Capo/Little Brown in October 2018

A former Assistant Editor of Q and regular contributor to MOJO and CLASSIC ROCK magazines, Blake is the also the author of PRETEND YOU'RE IN A WAR: THE WHO & THE SIXTIES (Aurum, 2014); IS THIS THE REAL LIFE: THE UNTOLD STORY OF QUEEN (Aurum, 2010) and PIGS MIGHT FLY: THE INSIDE STORY OF PINK FLOYD (Aurum, 2007 & 2013), published as COMFORTABLY NUMB (Da Capo, 2008) in the US.