Superfoods from the garden
Michael van Straten

Superfoods from the Garden

Grow it, cook it and achieve the best health ever
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Superfoods from the Garden is the latest—and most important—book by Michael van Straten, the bestselling author and one of the most respected names in the world of complementary medicine and natural health care. A lifelong believer that good health comes first and foremost from the food you eat, in this book Michael brings together his three passions—spreading the word on good health the natural way, organic gardening, and producing fantastic meals from freshly harvested food. With chapters devoted to each fruit and vegetable family, Michael begins by detailing the different health benefits of each food—for example, did you know that a generous serving of fresh peas supplies all the vitamin B1 you need for a day, or that leeks have a strong antibacterial effect and offer protection against stomach cancer? Once you have decided which crops to grow, Michael explains how to cultivate and nurture your plants. As a dedicated organic gardener, Michael offers tips, techniques, and shortcuts to help you to achieve the best harvest ever. Finally, each chapter concludes with a great collection of recipes, all devised to capture the goodness of the ingredients.

  • This is the book for anyone who wants to eat better and boost their immunity to disease and infection.
  • Includes a wealth of useful tips and techniques on growing your own organic crops as well as delicious recipes to use with your produce.
  • Michael van Straten is one of the best-known names in the world of complementary medicine and natural health care.

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