Inner world of night dreams
Marc Gian

The Inner World of Night Dreams

Use Your Dreams to Expand Your Awareness in Waking Life to Become the Best Version of Yourself
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Become the hero of your night dreams and waking life by not only discerning the meaning of your dreams but also changing the images to your liking for greater fulfilment.

Dreams are a language of pictures and a path to wisdom and wellbeing. We all dream, yet most of us don't know how to work with our dreams and uncover the meaning behind the images to use in our waking life. The Inner World of Night Dreams does just that, offering ways to access your personal potential. You will learn easy techniques to remember dreams and understand the meaning of numbers, colours and recurring dreams. Although there may be universal images, they still come from within the dreamer and can be looked at as being unique to each person. Marc Gian guides and inspires with practical exercises to open up your imagination. You'll find all the steps needed from getting ready to dream, to waking from the dream and mining the diamond. Who is in the dream? It's YOU! So, become the best version of yourself.

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